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Donations from Professors, Lab Managers, and Group Manager – Worldwide

Your generous and kind donations are needed to maintain, to build, and improve The XPS Library.  

This request is sent to all Professors, Lab Managers and Group Managers who have students and co-workers who actively use The XPS Library. 

The XPS Library is designed to assist Professors, Lab Managers, and Group Managers by providing in-depth information,
and guidance on XPS and how it is applied to real-world research, and publications of XPS results.

The XPS Library currently needs your kind donation to maintain and build The XPS Library because we do not have any funding from
any government, any university, or instrument maker.


 To pay for website maintenance, improvement, and contributions by experts we ask all Professors and Managers to donate $50-100 per year.


Donations from XPS Instrument Manufacturers

This website is designed to educate, train, and support new XPS users as well as experienced XPS users.  The principle users are university students, graduate students, post-doctorates, young professors, and expert professors.  Industry users are also using this website and are also being asked for a very small yearly donation.

The training provided by this website will supplement the XPS science training, software training, and instrument training supplied by each XPS instrument manufacturer.  This online training will relieve some of the demand for XPS technology training from instrument owners.

Professors and universities around the world who use many different XPS instruments will look to The XPS Library Institute – NFP as a centralized source of training and information 24 hours everyday.

Please contact bvcrist @ to discuss how you can donate or support this international website, and also your many instrument customers who very likely use this website.

In response to your kind and generous donations, your support will be clearly acknowledged and a modest advertising space will be provided.