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XPS Chemical Analysis Service by The XPS Library

To receive a Quote for work, please send an e-mail that includes:

  • Quote2
  • An X or Circle on photos marking spot to be analyzed
  • Do you want raw data in VAMAS or Text format with no report ?
  • The goal (objective/reason) for analysis of these samples ?
  • Approximate XYZ size of samples ?
  • Can samples be cut smaller to fit on sample stage ?  (Max Sample Size:  50x50x20 mm)
  • Should we cut or break sample to analyze the bulk ?
  • Should we return samples to you ?
  • Type of material (powder, metal piece, polymer piece, viscous oil…) ?
  • Number of samples ?
  • Survey spectra only ?
  • High energy resolution spectra ?
  • How soon do you need final report with details ?
  • Should surface be ion etched to remove 20 nm before analysis ?
  • Price list is shown below. Thank you!

to:  bvcrist@xpslibrary.com

Our XPS consulting, materials, and chemical analysis service is located in Salem, Oregon

near countless vineyards, pine forests, deep blue skies, and fresh air.

Global fields of expertise:

  • Surface chemical analysis,
  • Bulk chemical analysis,
  • Semi-volatile chemical analysis,
  • Trace metal chemical analysis,
  • Surface cleaning methods,
  • X-ray analyses
  • Consulting on all things XPS
  • Our database of 70,000 XPS spectra

Problems, Materials, and Features for Analysis by XPS

  • Adhesion failure cause
  • Bonding failure
  • Bulk contamination
  • Changes in product due to heat or chemical processing
  • Chemical composition of volatile solutions from processing
  • Chemical composition of semi-volatile contaminants
  • Chemical state composition of surface chemistry of material
  • Chemistry of surface features, spots and defects
  • Cleanliness of surfaces after cleaning with ozone, plasma…
  • Cleanliness of surfaces as-received from vendor
  • Corrosion
  • Degradation
  • Degree of cleaning and chemistry after plasma treatment
  • Degree of cleaning and chemistry after UV-ozone treatment
  • Depth distribution of elemental composition in thin films
  • Delamination or peeling
  • Elemental composition of bulk
  • Elemental composition of surface
  • Empirical formula of bulk chemistry
  • Film thicknesses of multi-layered thin-film stacks
  • Glove induced contamination
  • High precision empirical ratios
  • Interface roughness of thin-films
  • Silicone oil contamination
  • Surface contamination – spots, films, hazes, corrosion
  • Trace element contamination (PPM-PPT) in bulk
  • XY distribution of surface chemistry

Materials and products analyzed

  • Ceramics
  • Chemical powders
  • Corroded surfaces
  • Metal films
  • Multi-layered films
  • Polymers
  • Pure metals and alloys
  • Viscous oils

Industries served

  • Aerospace
  • Catalyst
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Paint
  • Semiconductor

Instrumentation we use

Thermo K-alpha Plus


To learn as much as possible about the surface of your samples, it is typical to analyze the samples without any Argon ion milling (as received state).  If you request ion milling at the start, we will do the ion milling to a depth of 20 nm (200 A) or less.  Note:  Ion milling destroys most polymer chemistry and greatly degrades many metal oxides. Ion milling causes differential loss of various elements.

Analysis Type

Brief Description

Capability & Limits

Analysis Conditions


Survey Spectrum
w Atom% Table & Peak Labels

Measures atom% composition for all elements:  Ag – Zr  (except H) Detection Limits: 0.5-2 atom%
(5000-20,000 ppm)
Per analysis point on each sample $100 per analysis point

Consulting on XPS, Data Processing, Peak-fitting, Interpretation, and Guidance

TXL provides full data processing for XPS data that has not been assigned or interpreted Peak assignment, peak-fitting, chemical state assignments, and quantitation —— $100 per hour

Chemical State Spectrum
With chemical state assignments
Not peak-fit

Measures oxidation state or chemical state of each element XPS does not readily measure chemical states of Li, Na, K, Cs Per element $25 per spectrum

Detailed Analysis

Survey spectrum plus chemical state spectra from key elements – C, O, and 2 other elements Survey spectra with peak labels and atom % composition & high resolution spectra peak-fits – and chemical state assignments Per analysis point on each sample
(1 survey and 4 high res spectra)
$300 per analysis point

Ion Milling to Remove Surface Contamination ~20 nm (200 A)

Argon (+) ion beam is used. Ion Etch rate is ~1 ang/second.
Normal etch crater size is 4×2 mm
500, 1,000, 2,000 eV Ar+ are available.


Depth Profile – Fully Processed

All elements except H Ion Etch rate is ~1 ang/second.
Normal etch crater size is 4×2 mm
Maximum Depth: 1,000 nm $1,000 per depth profile

Peak-fit and peak assignment
of each Chemical State Spectrum

Peak-fit and chemical state assignment $25 per spectrum

Raw Data Discount

Data in VAMAS or ASCII format

30% discount from total

For Quotation –
send E-mail to:



Sample Report for XPS Analyses