Degradation Example

X-ray Induced Degradation – due to exposure time (flux)




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Degradation of NaClO4 

Cl (2p) Signal versus Time (12 hrs)



Degradation due to Low Voltage Flood Gun Electrons




Degradation of MoO3 on Alumina due to Flood Gun – Catalyst

Mo (3d) Signal 




Due to Long Term (14 hr) Exposure to Monochromatic X-rays – High Flux




Degradation of Polymers due to Monochromatic and Non-Monochromatic X-rays





Polymeric Hydrocarbons lose Hydrogen to form C=C double bonds

These sp2 double bonds appear at slightly lower BE than sp3 single bonds.




Degradation due to Ar+ Ion Etching





Degradation of HfO2 and TiO2 by 1 kV Argon Ion Beam

Al2O3 does not readily degrade using a 1 kV Argon Ion Beam




Ta2O5 which is often used to Check Ion Etching Rate suffers Degradation at 200 eV and higher