Degradation of Polymers



Degradation due to Monochromatic Aluminum X-rays and an Electron Flood Gun  

This series of overlaid spectra are from a time based study of Polymers that shows how they degrade due to the total cumulative flux of Al X-rays during an overnight run (~14 hr).

The bright BLUE colored line is the Initial measurement, where degradation is limited to a few minutes of time due to the initial measurement itself.


PMMA, C (1s)

PMMA, O (1s)



PEO, C (1s)


Poly-Acetal, C (1s)

Poly-Acetal, O (1s)


HDPE, C (1s)


Nitro-Cellulose Filter Paper, O (1s)


Nitro-Cellulose Filter Paper, C (1s)


Teflon, F (1s)

Teflon, C(1s)


PVA, O (1s)

PVA, C (1s)