Surface Analysis by Auger and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy


Chapter 1. Perspectives on XPS and AES: Dave Briggs & John Grant

Chapter 2. XPS: Basic Principles, Spectral Features and Qualitative Analysis: Dave Briggs

Chapter 3. AES: Basic Principles, Spectral Features and Qualitative Analysis: John Grant


Chapter 4. Specimen Preparation and Handling: Joe Geller

Chapter 5. XPS: Instrumentation and Performance: Ian Drummond

Chapter 6. AES: Instrumentation and Performance: Masato Kudo

Chapter 7. Instrument Calibration for AES and XPS: Martin Seah

Chapter 8. Analyzing Insulators with XPS and AES: Mike Kelly

Chapter 9. Beam Effects During AES and XPS Analysis: Don Baer, Mark Engelhard, Dan Gaspar, and Scott Lea

Surface Sensitivity

Chapter 10. Electron Transport in Solids: Wolfgang Werner

Chapter 11. Electron Attenuation Lengths: Shigeo Tanuma


Chapter 12. Quantification of Nanostructures by Electron Spectroscopy: Sven Tougaard

Chapter 13. Quantification in AES and XPS: Martin Seah

Chapter 14. The Use of Chemometrics in AES and XPS Data Treatment: Bill Stickle

Spectral interpretation

Chapter 15. XPS Lineshapes and Curve-fitting: Neal Fairley

Chapter 16. Chemical effects in XPS: Laszlo Kover

Chapter 17. Chemical Information from Auger Lineshapes: Dave Ramaker

Chapter 18. The Auger parameter: Giuliano Moretti

Chapter 19. Valence bands studied by XPS: Peter Sherwood

Chapter 20. Structural Effects in XPS and AES: Diffraction: Jürg Osterwalder

Chapter 21. Electron backscattering and channeling: Ding Ze-jun & Ryuichi Shimizu

Depth profiling

Chapter 22. XPS/AES sputter depth profiling: Thomas Wagner, Jy Wang, Siegfried Hofmann

Chapter 23. Angle resolved: Peter Cumpson


Chapter 24. XPS Imaging: Kateryna Artyushkova+ Julia Fulghum

Chapter 25. Processing, Interpretation and Quantification of Auger Images: Martin Prutton

Developing aspects

Chapter 26. X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Imaging at Synchrotrons: Giorgio Margaritondo

Chapter 27. Total Reflection X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (TRXPS): Yoshitoki Iijima

Chapter 28. Ion-excited Auger Electron Spectroscopy: John Grant

Chapter 29. Positron-annihilation-induced Auger Electron Spectroscopy: Toshiyuki Ohdaira

Chapter 30. Electron Coincidence Measurements: Steve Thurgate

Chapter 31. Recent Developments in the Theory of Auger Spectroscopy: Peter Weightman


Appendix A: Peak Positions from Mg X-rays and from Al X-rays by Atomic Number

Appendix B: Peak Positions from Mg X-rays and from Al X-rays in Numerical Order

Appendix C: Auger Kinetic Energies and Sensitivity Factors by Atomic Number

Appendix D: Auger Kinetic Energies in Numerical Order

Appendix E. Polymer C 1s Chemical Shifts

Appendix F. Comparing Beam Damage Rates Using Susceptibility Tables

Appendix G. Manufacturers of AES and XPS Systems

Appendix H. Software for Processing AES and XPS Data

Appendix I. Databases

Appendix J. Measurement and Documentary Standards

Appendix K. Internet Resources