Photo-Emission Process and Photoelectron Scattering

Photoelectron Scattering and IMFPs



Calculated IMFP Values – Periodic Table Format





IMFP-TPP2M Software (produced by S. Tanuma) used to produce IMFPs shown in Periodic Table shown above

NOTE: This FREE software is old, but will run on Windows 10

(Click on Title of Image to download IMFP-TPP2M software in a Zip file.)




Trendline to Establish/Define:

The Exponent Factor (i.e. 0.6659) that is used to correct Peak Intensities in Atom % Calculations as a Function of KE of Photoelectrons

Data were Calculated for only Peak BEs from a software produced by S. Tanuma


 Photoelectron Emission Intensity versus Depth of Origin

(r.f.  IMFP C(1s) = 33 Ang)