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XPS Instrument Manufacturing Companies


Thermo Scientific  (England)


Kratos Analytical  [Shimadzu-Kratos]  (England)


Physical Electronics  [Ulvac-PHI] (Japan)


Scienta Omicron  (Germany)

Scienta Omicron (formerly VG Scienta and Omicron) 


JEOL   (Japan)



RBD Instruments  (USA)


Staib Instruments  (USA)

Staib Instruments

XPS Component Manufacturing


Transfer Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. (California, USA

Transfer Rods & Manipulators

Koral Labs, Inc.

X-ray Anodes Refurbishing


Service Physics, Inc.  (Oregon, USA)

SSI   X-, M-, and S-Probe Systems, Upgrades, Guns, & Parts

Links to Other Universities & Government Labs

Links to Societies and Other Groups

More Useful Websites

Links to Many Aspects of XPS & AES – Surface Science Western   (University of Western Ontario)

Links to Many Aspects of XPS & AES – Surface Science Links   (Queen Mary, UK)

Synchrotron Radiation Labs  –  List of 37 Labs Worldwide (Sweden)

National ESCA and Surface Analysis Center for Biomaterials (USA)

Periodic Table Open this result in new window – Exposes the x-ray properties of each element. Photon Source Mosaic Home Page Open this result in new window – Synchrotron radiation research facility.
www.aps.anl.govCornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) Open this result in new window  – Provides state-of-the-art synchrotron radiation facilities to the scientific community.
www.chess.cornell.eduX-Rays Open this result in new window – Includes information on how to build an inexpensive X-Ray machine.

IIT Synchrotron Radiation Program 
www.csrri.iit.eduOpen this result in new window

Lund University – Soft X-ray Group Open this result in new window

University at Albany, State University of New York – Center for X-Ray Optics (CXO) Open this result in new window – Uses x-ray beam lines to test and employ X-ray capillary optics.

UWXAFS Open this result in new window  – Development and distribution of high quality analysis software for X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS).

XRay Open this result in new window  – Development of industrial application of radiation after the discovery of x-rays.


BE Tables and Related Tables

Glove Induced Contamination Data Table – Contamination caused by touching materials with plastic gloves

Fundamental XPS Data Table of BEs & FWHMs – From Commercially Pure Binary Oxides, Elements & Compounds

Al Ka Photoelectron BEs in Numerical Order Useful for identifying small XPS peaks that represent contaminants


On-Line XPS & Surface Science Courses

Self Teaching Courses on Basics of Various Surface Techniques

Self Training Courses on Basics of XPS

Introduction to Surface Chemistry

Periodic Table of the Elements



Special Category Links

Excellent Collection of Links all aspects of Microscopy and Spectroscopy

Reference Materials & AES Calibration Services at NPL in the UK

Validation of Algorithms National Physical laboratory (NPL)

X-ray WWW Server at Uppsala University




Independent XPS & AES Instrument
Repair  / Service Companies

Transfer Rods & Manipulators
Transfer Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc.
Contact Mike Ackeret in Fremont, California, USA
Tel:  -1-510-651-3000

X-ray Anodes
Koral Labs, Inc. (specializes in Refurbishing X-ray Anodes)
Contact Troy Reichard in Minneapolis, MN
Tel:  763-780-5156

Vacuum Equipment – Buys and helps sell vacuum related equipment
H.K. Equipment, Inc. in Maryland, USA
FAX:   508-988-9477
Tel:     508-988-9566

SSI   X-, M-, and S-Probe Systems, Upgrades, Guns, HP Systems, & Parts
Service Physics Inc. in Bend, Oregon, USA
Contact Bob Chaney
FAX:   650-948-6143
Tel:     650-967-4501

XPS & AES Instrument Maker

JEOL   (Japan)

Kratos Analytical   (USA & England)

Omicron Instruments  (Germany)

Physical Electronic – Ulvac-PHI  (USA & Japan)

Staib Instruments GmbH  (USA)

Thermo Electron (formerly VG Scientific, England)



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