The XPS Library (TXL) Members

The XPS Library is open and free to all non registered visitors. To access the >70,000 monochromatic XPS spectra, the 7 PDF books, or the Spectra Data Processor (SDP v8) software, you must send an email asking to become a library member.  Registration is free.  No cost.


Library Members Benefits   

Members have free access to:

  • Fully annotated Crist PDF versions of XPS Handbooks Vol #1 and 2  (peak-fitted with chemical state identifications)
  • Two (2) year free use of SDP v8 software (renewable yearly for $25)
  • All charts, plots and tables
  • All chemical state overlays
  • All peak-fit examples
  • Peak overlay comparisons
  • Application notes from manufacturers
  • Periodic tables of BEs for many elements
  • Valence Band spectra
  • Auger signals
  • Histograms of BEs listed in NIST database
  • Summary tables of NIST BEs (provided by M. biesinger)
  • Guidance on sample preparation methods
  • Guidance/advice on peak-fitting