XPS Spectra in:  *.VMS,  *.ISO, *.TXT format 

3177 Data-sets – LIST of Zip files

NOTE:  Each Data-set has 3-10 XPS spectra in each data-set

VAMAS (ISO 14976) file formats



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>15,000 monochromatic XPS spectra

ZIP file-name (26 Zip files) Material / Category File-format # Data-sets  3177
Adhesives (.TXT, .SDP, .VGD) 40 data-sets Adhesives (.TXT, SDP) 40
Borides (.ISO, .VMS) 6 data-sets Borides (.ISO, .VMS) 6
Carbides (.ISO, .VMS) 5 data-sets Carbides (.ISO, .VMS) 5
Carbonates (.ISO, .VMS) 22 data-sets Carbonates (.ISO, .VMS) 22
Diamond (.ISO, .VMS) 12 data-sets Diamond (.ISO, .VMS) 12
Elements, Ag-Zr – research grade (.ISO, .VMS) 178 data-sets Elements, Ag-Zr – research grade (.ISO, .VMS) 178
Graphite pencils (.TXT, .VGD) 18 data-sets Graphite pencils (.TXT, .VGD) 18
Halides (.ISO, .VMS) 21 data-sets Halides (.ISO, .VMS) 21
Hydroxides (.ISO, .VMS) 9 data-sets Hydroxides (.ISO, .VMS) 9
ISO database (.VMS, ISO) 890 data-files ISO database (.ISO, .VMS) 890
ISO text files (.TXT, .ISO) 259 data-sets ISO text files (.ISO, .TXT) 259
Nitrides (.ISO, .VMS) 29 data-sets Nitrides (.ISO, .VMS) 29
Oxides, metal (.ISO, .VMS) 123 data-sets Oxides, metal (.ISO, .VMS) 123
Oxides, native Elemental (.ISO, .VMS) 56 data-sets Oxides, native Elemental (.ISO, .VMS) 56
Oxides, rare earth (.ISO, .VMS) 15 data-sets Oxides, rare earth (.ISO, .VMS) 15
Phosphides (.ISO, .VMS) 11 data-sets Phosphides (.ISO, .VMS) 11
Polymers, polymers degraded by X-rays (.ISO, .VMS) 63 data-sets Polymers, polymers degraded by X-rays (.ISO, .VMS) 63
Polymers, purified (.ISO, .VMS) 30 data-sets Polymers, purified (.ISO, .VMS) 30
Propylene – fluorine plasma (.TXT) 10 datasets Propylene – fluorine plasma (.ISO, .TXT) 10
SemiConductors (.ISO, .VMS) 139 data-sets SemiConductors (.ISO, .VMS) 139
Silicides (.ISO, .VMS) 7 data-sets Silicides (.ISO, .VMS) 7
Sulfides (.ISO, .VMS) 16 data-sets Sulfides (.ISO, .VMS) 16
Tapes – print face (.TXT) 19 darta-sets Tapes – print face (.TXT) 19
VAMAS ISO database (.VMS, TXT) 890 data-files VAMAS ISO database (.VMS, .TXT) 890
VAMAS ISO text files (.TXT, .VMS) 259 data-sets VAMAS ISO text files (.VMS, .TXT) 259
XPS checks for ISO (.TXT) 50 data-sets XPS checks for ISO (.TXT) VAMASbvc