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The following page contains links to on-line databases. See also the major sites page if you can’t find what you’re looking for here. The databases are divided rougly into the following sections

Binding Energies and Spectra

Electronic and Surface Structural Data

  • Electronic Structures Database
    Calculates band structure, total energy, density of states, equilibrium lattice constants, elastic constants, electron-phonon coupling constants and critera for the occurence of magnetism for most elements and a vairiety of hydrides carbides nitrides and oxides.
  • The LEED I(V) Data Repository
    A Large repository of LEED I(V) data and plots for a wide variety of elements and compounds; includes original references. Provided by The Stony Brook LEED group.
  • Surface Structure Explorer
    A very nice on-line application based on BALSAC (Build and Analyze Lattices, Surfaces, And Clusters) which generates full colour pictures of any given lattice structure from its lattice parameters.


X-ray transmission, absorbtion and emission data


Particle Surface Interactions


Elemental and Materials Properties

  • Web Elements 
    An excellent database of the general, physical, chemical, electronic, etc, etc properties of the first 112 elements.
  • The Virtual material Science Center
    A database of databases. Source for all information on properties of materials of all types
  • MatWeb
    Mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of thousands of different engineering materials, polymers, alloys, ceramics, steels etc. and links to suppliers.
  • All the Physical Constants
    The National Institute of Standards & Technology recommended values of all the physical constants, including confidence levels, etc
  • Chemical Safety Data Sheets
    Large database of hazard data sheets for a wide variety of chemicals


Literature databases and patent searches