Spectra-Base #1  –  Free of charge

To have free access to 70,000+ monochromatic XPS spectra and SDP software
please send an e-mail to:  bvcrist@xpslibrary.com.

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Spectra-Base #1

XPS spectra  (.SDP format)  7304 Data-sets

XPS spectra  (.VMS, .ISO, .TXT format)  3177 Data-sets

XPS spectra  (.VGD format)  7113 Data-sets

AES spectra  (.SDP, .NPL, .VMS  format)  2281 Data-sets


Passwords are needed to be able to download any of the Zipped Data-sets.


Spectra Data Processor (SDP) v8 is provided

free of charge for two (2) years.

SDP v8 opens, processes, exports, and saves all processing to permanent memory.

There are 54 self-training videos for SDP.


After the second year, a new one year license to SDP costs $25.00. Each year costs $25.00.
To purchase a permanent endless license to SDP for $300 by credit card, please contact bvcrist@xpslibrary.com.


All XPS, AES, and REELS spectra are owned and copyrighted by The XPS Library.
Please reference our website whenever publishing copies of any spectra or BEs derived from these spectra.
Reference:  “Published by The XPS Library 2021 – https://xps library.com


>70,000 Self-Consistent Monochromatic XPS Spectra
>5,000 High Energy Resolution Auger Spectra
>500 REELS Spectra

XPS “Spectra-Bases” 

Monochromatic XPS Spectra are organized into individual directories based on type of chemical material, or practical study.

Each Category (*.ZIP) is a different chemical material, or a practical study, saved as a ZIP file.
You can Un-ZIP by using:      MicroSoft “Windows Explorer” (free), “7-Zip” (free), or WinZIP software ($39).
Each Category contains between 5 and 130 data-sets.
Each Data-Set contains between 2 to 10 spectra data-files.
There are five (5) file-types:   (.ISO),  (.VMS),  (.SDP),   (.VGD),  (.NPL)

Our Library software, Spectra Data Processor v8 opens (.SDP), (.VMS), (.NPL), (.ISO), (.TXT) data-files by drag-n-drop or “open-file”
We are converting (.VGD) data-sets into (.SDP) and (.ISO) file formats.
A video teaches you how to convert (.VGD) files into (.ISO), (.VMS), or (.SDP) file formats.

In addition to the key spectra, each data-set includes a survey spectrum and a C (1s) chemical state spectrum, a complete data-file.


XPS Spectra-Bases >400 ZIP files
Screen-Captured Images

Total XPS Spectra  70,000+ monochromatic XPS spectra


AES “Spectra-Bases” 

Each Category is saved as a ZIP file.
Each Category contains between 5 and >100 data-sets.
Each Data-Set contains between 1 to 5 spectra data-files.
In addition to the key spectra, each data-set includes a survey spectrum.

Most spectra were collected using a Hemi-spherical Energy Analyzer which provides high energy resolution spectra that reveal chemical states just as XPS does.


AES Spectra-Bases >70 ZIP files