Free XPS Spectra – ISO 14976    ASCII    Text File Format



Monochromatic XPS Spectra

18 Types of Materials, 740 Data-sets, >3,500 spectra, 34 Mb 

donated by B. Vincent Crist, Sr. Editor

Each Data-set contains 3-6 spectra that form one data-file.  Each data-file is stored in the ASCII TEXT file format known as ISO 14976 (formerly known as the VAMAS file format).  These ASCII TEXT data-files can be opened using any XPS software that reads or imports the ISO 14976 “transfer file format” developed by M. P. Seah (NPL) and supported by the ISO.  These files can also be opened by Excel, Origin, NotePad, WordPad, and other commercial software.

Please use Spectral Data Processor (SDP) to directly open all of these data-files.  When you want to export into XY ASCII text files or XYZ ASCII text file, then please use Spectral Data Processor (SDP v7.0) to save your data as XY or XYZ ASCII TEXT file formats.  Spectral Data Processor, SDP, is currently available for a one year use license, free-of-charge.

Click on the links below to download a ZIP file that contain all of the spectra for that Type of Material