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>5,000 Auger spectra

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Material / Category File-format # Data-sets (2284)
Alloys by AUGER (.JEOL) 160 data-sets Alloys JEOL 160
Alloys by AUGER (.SDP) 62 data-sets Alloys SDP 62
Alloys CoNi by AUGER (.DTS, VG) 10 data-sets Alloys  CoNi DTS VG 10
Borides by AUGER (.SDP) 8 data-sets Borides SDP 8
C KLL by XPS for Referencing (.SDP) 34 data-sets C KLL by XPS – Charge Referencing Study SDP 34
Calibration by AUGER (.SDP) 4 data-sets Calibration SDP 4
Capture Studies by AUGER (.SDP) 33 data-sets UHV Gas – Capture Studies SDP 33
Carbides by AUGER (.NPL) 43 data-sets Carbides NPL 43
Carbides by AUGER (.SDP) 25 data-sets Carbides SDP 25
Carbon, HOPG by AUGER (.SDP) 4 data-sets Carbon, HOPG SDP 4
Carbonates by AUGER (.NPL) 10 data-sets Carbonates NPL 10
Carbonates by AUGER (.SDP) 3 data-sets Carbonates SDP 3
Charge Control by AUGER (.SDP) 4 data-sets Charge Control Study SDP 4
Charge Control by AUGER on JEOL 7830 (.SDP) 7 data-sets Charge Control Study SDP 7
Charge Control High Tilt (.SDP) 114 data-sets Charge Control High Tilt SDP 114
Charge Control study by AUGER (.NPL) 90 data-sets Charge Control study NPL 90
Charge Ref Graphite Wax by AUGER (.NPL) 21 data-sets Charge Referencing – Graphite Wax NPL 21
CIGS by AUGER (.SDP) 4 data-sets CIGS SDP 4
Contamination by Glove by AUGER (.SDP) 5 data-sets Contamination by Glove SDP 5
Degradation SiN by AUGER (.SDP) 3 data-sets Degradation SiN SDP 3
Depth Profiles by AUGER JEOL (.SDP) 9 data-sets Depth Profiles SDP 9
Diamond by AUGER (.SDP) 5 data-sets Diamond SDP 5
Elements by AUGER  3,5,10 kV PHI (.SPE) 238 data-sets Elements SPE PHI 238
Elements by AUGER  7830F (.SDP) 25 data-sets Elements SDP 25
Elements by AUGER (.DTS VGD) 41 data-sets Elements DTS VG 41
Elements by AUGER (.NPL, TIF) 100 data-sets Elements NPL 100
Elements by AUGER 10 kV PHI (.SDP) 46 data-sets Elements SDP 46
Elements by AUGER 7800F (.SDP) 36 data-sets Elements SDP 36
Elements by AUGER PHI CMA (.SDP, .CSV) 160 data-sets Elements SDP 160
Elements by AUGER VG 310F (.SDP) 47 data-sets Elements SDP 47
Energy Resolution Settings by 7830 AUGER (.NPL) 15 data-sets Energy Resolution Settings SDP 15
Glasses Soda by AUGER (.NPL) 3 data-sets Glasses Soda NPL 3
Halides by AUGER (.SDP) 14 data-sets Halides SDP 14
Images, Maps by Auger (.TIF) 150 images Images, Maps SDP 150
JEOL 7830 System Test Spectra by AUGER (.SDP.CSV) 65 data-sets JEOL 7830 System Test Spectra SDP 65
Lithium Salts by AUGER (.SDP) 4 data-sets Lithium Salts SDP 4
Minerals by AUGER (.SDP) 28 data-sets Minerals SDP 28
Native Oxides – slow profiles by AUGER (.DTS VG) 24 data-sets Native Oxides – slow profiles by JEOL DTS VG 24
Native Oxides -Profiles – by VG 310F AUGER (.VGP) 17 data-sets Native Oxides -Profiles – by VG 310F DTS VG 17
GaAs, n-GaAs p-GaAs by AUGER (.DTS) 10 data-sets GaAs, nGaAs pGaAs DTS VG 10
Ni(P) electroless by AUGER (.SDP, .NPL) 15 data-sets Ni(P) electroless NPL 15
Ni2S3 Ni2S3 SDP 1
NiCo Intermetallics by AUGER (.SDP) 25 data-sets NiCo Intermetallics SDP 25
Nitrides by AUGER (.SDP) 31 data-sets Nitrides SDP 31
Oxides from HNO3 by AUGER (.SDP) 12 data-sets Oxides from HNO3 SDP 12
Oxides, Binary by AUGER (.SDP) 64 data-sets Oxides, Binary SDP 64
Oxides, Binary, Crystals by AUGER (.SDP) 7 data-sets Oxides, Binary, Crystals SDP 7
Oxides, Native by AUGER (.SDP) 39 data-sets Oxides, Native SDP 39
Oxides, Ternary by AUGER (.SDP) 10 data-sets Oxides, Ternary SDP 10
Oxides, Thermal by AUGER (.SDP) 27 data-sets Oxides, Thermal SDP 2
Pb-free solder, SnAgCu by AUGER (.SDP) 2 data-sets Pb-free solder, SnAgCu SDP 2
PbSn solder by AUGER (.SDP) 4 data-sets PbSn solder SDP 4
Peak Baselines by AUGER (.SDP) 10 data-sets Peak Baselines SDP 10
Polymers by AUGER (.DTS, VG) 2 data-sets Polymers DTS VG 2
Quasi-Crystal AlPdMn by AUGER (.SDP) 2 data-sets Quasi-Crystal AlPdMn SDP 2
REELS database (.SPE) 130 data-sets REELS database SPE PHI 130
REELS Elements (.DTS VG) 32 data-sets REELS Elements DTS VG 32
REELS for Shimizu study (.SPE) 52 data-sets REELS for Shimizu study SDP 52
REELS of Polymers (.SPE) 10 data-sets REELS of Polymers SPE PHI 10
REELS on Diamond (.SDP) 8 data-sets REELS on Diamond SDP 8
REELS on Graphite 3 angles (.DTS, VG) 3 data-sets REELS on Graphite DTS VG 3
RSF Tests by AUGER (.SDP) 27 data-sets RSF Tests SDP 27
Selenides by AUGER (.SDP) 2 data-sets Selenides SDP 2
Semiconductors 2 by AUGER (.NPL) 7 data-sets Semiconductors NPL 7
Semiconductors by AUGER (.SDP) 45 data-sets Semiconductors SDP 45
Silicates by AUGER (.SDP) 1 data-set Silicates SDP 1
Silicides by AUGER (.SDP) 11 data-sets Silicides SDP 11
Silicon, n-Si vs p-Si by Auger 1995 (.DTS) 23 data-sets Silicon, n-Si vs p-Si DTS VG 23
Sulfides by AUGER (.SDP) 14 data-sets Sulfides SDP 14
Titanates by AUGER (.SDP) 4 data-sets Titanates SDP 4
Voltage Test by AUGER (.DTS, VG) 5 data-sets Voltage Test DTS VG 7830F