FWHM Information



Periodic Table of FWHM (eV) for Peak-fitting Chemical Compounds

Periodic Table of FWHM (eV) for Peak-fitting Pure Metals / Elements (see below)

FWHM Information

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FWHM(eV) for Peak-fitting


Monochromatic XPS using Pass Energy = 50 eV (this PE give Ag (3d5) FWHM = 0.75 eV)
or PE = 25 eV (that gives Ag (3d5) FWHM = 0.64 eV)

All values were obtained by peak-fitting pure chemical compounds, natural crystals, or man-made single crystal cleaved in air to expose fresh bulk.

All FWHM values were obtained from monochromatic XPS spectra contained in the XPS Spectra-Base available on this website.

All pure metal oxide FWHM data were collected by using the Ni metal Charge-control Mesh-screen









FWHM from Pure Metals / Elements

and a few compounds