Clean each Calibration Metal just before Measuring the Calibration of each Metal

Checking (Measuring) BEs of Cu 2p3, Au 4f7 or Ag 3d5 signals is NOT calibration of BE energy scale.  It is only step one of Calibrating your BE energy scale.  The Checking BE Spectra tell us how much the instrument has drifted from the desired BE values (ISO values).

  1. Load all 3 Calibration Metals onto the same sample mount.  Place them so they are 1 cm apart from each other.
  2. If the Copper or Silver are heavily oxidized, use a single edge razor blade to scrape an area clean enough to be measured.
  3. Load them into your main analysis chamber.
  4. Ion etch each sample just before you actually measure chemical state spectra from them.
    • Gold needs only a little ion etching usually.
    • Silver needs to be ion etched for about 1 minute using 1-2 kV Argon ions.
    • Copper needs to be ion etched for about 2 minutes using 1-2 kV Argon ions.
  5. After you peak-fit the chemical state spectra for Cu 2p3, Ag 3d5, and Au 4f7, then you are ready to adjust your instrument Reference Energy Voltages.
  6. Each software allows us to adjust Reference Energy Voltages using different methods.  Talk to your Service man for more details if you do not know what voltages or energy settings to adjust.