Gaussian-Lorentzian Ratios 



Gaussian-Lorentzian SUM  (GLS)





Overlay of Pure 100% Gaussian and Pure 100% Lorentzian Peak-shapes, normalized to maximum peak intensity




True VOIGT  (is not a convolution of Gaussian and Lorentzian peak-shapes)




Plot of the centered Voigt profile for four cases.

Each case has a full width at half-maximum (FWHM) of very nearly 3.6.
The black and red line profiles are the limiting cases of the Gaussian (γ =0) and the Lorentzian (σ =0) profiles respectively.


File:Voigt distributionPDF.png



Adjusted to show overlay based on peak area





Adjusted to show location of FWHM for each peak-shape.




Overlay of Gaussian-Lorentzian Summed Peak-shapes



Pearson VII Peak-shape