What is GI-GO?



What is GI-GO?  GI-GO is an abbreviation that was used in the Computer Industry.

It stands for:


Garbage-IN  Garbage-OUT


In the past, small thin note cards were punched with holes on a type-writer type machine, and then they were put into the Card Reader of the Main Frame Computer.

If your typing was bad, or your coding was bad, then you were putting Garbage into the Main-Frame, and that is exactly what came out when your cards were read by the Main Frame – GARBAGE.


The intent of this short story is to help beginners to learn to be careful when peak-fitting, checking BE scale calibration, and preparing the sample.  If the beginner makes a mistake on peak-fitting or checking BE scale calibration, then the result is GI-GO.  Your paper may not be published. Your professor might be upset.

And then, many years later, when you need to use your own data, your BEs, your peak assignments you might have difficulty to explain the results to your boss, or the reviewer who is reading your manuscript.

Many people that you will never meet, may depend on your BEs and peak-fit assignments to be reliable.

So we all are asking you to please avoid GI-GO.