Instrument Buying Guide & Factors

Instrument Buying Factors


What Factors Affect the Customer When He Buys an Expensive Instrument?

Budget Constraints
Expertise Level of Instrument Operator
Rumored Reliability of Instrument
Maintenance Costs
Repair Costs
Reputation of Other Owners
Instrument Capabilities
Instrument Limitations
Quality of Initial Contact
Quality of Follow-up
Ability of Operator and Salesmen to Solve Real World Problems
Team Spirit of Salesmen, Operator and Repairmen
Chance to Talk with Repairmen
After Sales Contract and Costs
Report of Demonstration Content and Meaning
Quality of Handouts
Empathy of Seller towards Buyers Needs & Problems
Performance Specifications
Ease of Use Observed by Demonstration
Repeated Testing of Specifications
Repeated Testing of Routine Use
Repeated Testing of Ease of Use
Rumored Reliability of Supplier
Rumored Reliability of Distributor
Quality of Demonstration
Personality of Salesmen
Personality of Repairmen
Pressure from Peers
Pressure from High Level Management
Software Capabilities
Adaptability to Special Purposes
Available Accessories
Frequency and Quality of Pre-Sales Contact
Rumored Problems with Instrument
Level of Expertise in Field
Reviews Published in Professional Journals
Quality of Advertisements
Tone of Advertisements
Good/Bad Experience with Same Manufacturer
Good/Bad Experience with Same Instrument
Good/Bad Experience with Same Distributor
Good/Bad Experience with Same Salesman

Good/Bad Experience with Older Instrument
Time Alloted to Look For Instrument
National Pride
Location of Manufacturer
Application Data Presented
Reference Data (Handbook)
Training Courses After Sales
Sample Constraints
Experts Available for Free Consultation
Appearance of Salesmen
Language Used by Salesmen
Appearance of Instrument
Appearance of Data Plots
Appearance of Demonstration Room
Appearance of Sales Brochures
Appearance of Operator Manuals
Readability & Usability of Operator Manuals
Biased Spec vs Spec Lists for Instruments
Biased Competitor Comments about Competing Instruments & Suppliers
Biased Showing of Competitors Poor Quality Non-spec Data to Customer
Questions by Competitors Aimed at Weaknesses of Competitor Instruments Customer Brainwashing
Order of Visiting Demo Rooms at Various Venders
Software Upgrade Policy
Software Protection
Computer Options Available
Salesmen’s Knowledge of Applications
People Factors
Instrument Factors
Analytical Needs
Sample Constraints
Performance Factors
Experience Factors
Money Factors