Beryllium, Be – Info & Basic Spectra



XPS Information about Beryllium, Be



Primary XPS Signal:   Be (1s)  (~112 eV)

Overlapping Signals:   Cu (3s), Ni (3s), Au (5s)

Binding Energies of Chemical States:

  Chemical State Be (1s) Binding Energy (eV) 
Cu(x)-Be(y),  as received 113.3 eV
Cu(x)-Be(y),  Ar+ etched 112.5 eV

Data Collection Advice & Information

  • Be (1s) peak has very low signal sensitivity.
  • Recommend 10X longer data collection when acquiring Be (1s) spectrum.

Interpretation of Be Spectra

  • There are no secondary peaks to confirm presence of Be
  • Difficult to confidently assign Be1s peak for low concentrations.

Energy Loss Peaks

  • xxx

Plasmon Peaks

  • xxx

Shake-up Peaks

  • none

Multiplet Splitting Peaks

  • none




BEs for Be (1s) Chemical States






Histograms for Be (1s) Chemical States

















Chemical State Spectra from Native Be Oxide

Flood Gun ON versus OFF






Wide Range Windows of Be (1s) High Energy Resolution Spectra






Survey Spectra of Beryllium, Be

Overlays of Be Native Oxides