Measure Survey Spectra First, Then Measure Chemical State Spectra

Survey Spectra use low energy resolution settings.  As a result we can not see the different Chemical State signals until we change the instrument settings to give high energy resolution settings.




Next:  If sample was Non-Conductive, then correct all spectra by using Charge Referencing method.

Then:  Peak-fit each Chemical State Spectra.



Peak-fitting Steps Used to Peak-fit a Raw Si (2p) Spectrum – from a Native Oxide of Silicon


Raw Spectra of Pure Silicone and Silicon Dioxide

Result of Peak-fitting Spectrum – No Chemical State (species) Assignments Yet



How to Assign Chemical States to Each Peak in a Peak-fitted Spectrum



This spectrum shows the positions of the different Chemical States that exist in the Native Oxide of Silicon.




This Chart Shows Chemical Shifts and Chemical State BEs for Various Silicone Chemicals



Chemical States from Carbon – C (1s) electrons



Raw Spectrum of Carbon “1s” type electrons from acetone washed Mylar (PET)








Chemical States from Magnesium  – Mg (2p) electrons



Chemical State Spectra Variables to Consider