Test of FLAT Style Database for IXIR Registry Information (no spectra or trend BE charts) – simple paste from Excel

Instrument Maker Name Model
number / name
Serial Number (#) Company/
Government name
Group name City State / Prefecture Country E-mail of Tool owner Last date Calibration BEs were checked Initial of First Name of Tool Owner Family Name of tool owner # people operating instrument who services instrument How often are Calibration BEs checked When were peak-fits sent to IXIR? Cu (2p3) BE (eV) Ag (3d5) BE (eV) Cu (3p) BE (eV) Error range accepted for Cu (2p3) BE (+/- eV) Adventitious C (1s) BE (eV) Si (2p) BE from silicone oil (eV) Pass Energy used for High Res Pass Energy used for Survey Spectra (eV) Work function of spectrometer FWHM of Ag (3d5) using Hi Res (eV) Normal electron Take-Off-angle (deg) Angle between lens and X-ray source (ged) X-ray Source X-ray Power (watts) X-ray Beam size smallest (microns) X-ray Beam size largest (microns) Collection Lense angle (deg) Sensitivity Factors used? IMFP^x or TPP-M2 Software used to process survey spectra? Software used to process Hi res spectra? Pressure with sample inside? (torr) How many XPS instruments do you have? Type of Detector Age of Detector (months) # of channels Type of Flood gun used? Electron Argon ion combined Model number of Flood gun used? Usual voltage used on Flood gun? (eV) Usual Current from Flood Gun? (uA) Sample to Ground resistance (ohms?) Other info #1 Other info #2 Other info #3  Other info #4 Other info #5
SSI  X-Probe 206 125 Service Physics Service Group Bend Oregon USA info@sphysics.com 10/3/2020 B Chaney 2 service man monthly not sent 932.65 368.25 74.15 0.2 284.7 102.5 50 150 4.25 0.75 35 55 Al mono 200 50 600 30 Scofield 0.6 Fox Fox 3.00E-08 1 PSD 24 128 SSI Flood na 2.1 4 150 10 none none none none none
Thermo K-Alpha  1584 IPG Photonics Metrology Marlborough Massachusetts USA xps@ipgphotonics.com 6/1/2020 N Casey 2 service man monthly not sent 932.6 368.2 74.1 0.2 285 102.4 50 200 4.42 0.7 35 55 Al mono 75 30 400 60 Scofield TPP-M2 Avantage 5.99 Avantage 5.99 3.00E-08 1 PSD 24 128 na Type 2 Dual Beam 3 1 300 x none none none none none



Chart Plots of BE Trends

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Images of All Peak-fit Validation Check Spectra from each group