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InfoGraphics displayed on this website are protected by International Copyright laws in 117 countries around the world.  Many infographics have small watermarks on them that displays our copyrights and lists our website address:  When you need a copy that does not have a watermark, then please place an order for a PDF copy of that poster.




Posters, Charts, InfoGraphics, Tables, Guides, and Graphs available for Purchase

All posters, charts, flowcharts, infographics, tables, guides, graphs, spectra examples etc. are available as PDFs for a price of $5 each.  If you would like to have a 36 x 48 inch printed version of one of the posters, the price is $50 each to cover the cost of production of a paper version of the poster, chart etc, a shipping tube, and the cost of shipping. In a few cases, the cost of shipping is much higher due to the distance.  Watermarks will be removed from purchased PDF copies of all posters etc.

If you would like to have a different instrument displayed on one of the infographic posters, then send us a high quality image (PNG, JPG, or TIF) that has >600 dpi so we can print a 4×6 ft poster for you.  The cost to modify our Adobe Illustrator original files is $25 per modification.


Software and PDFs for Purchase

  • All software are available for purchase unless it is a free software.  Please contact our Sales department to learn the price for single copies of any software.  Software will be supplied in a Zip file.


All 2019 Copyrights © belong to The XPS Library





All InfoGraphics are designed to be printed on “A3″ or 11″ x 17” paper so you can post them on the all of your office or laboratory.  Some are very high resolution, so you can print them as 4×6 wall posters.  All infographics are available in PDF form for a price of $5 each.

You are allowed to print and use these posters, but you must acknowledge the true copyright owner, B. Vincent Crist or The XPS Library, when you use these posters or refer to them in a publication. Thank You!



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