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To become a Library Member, free of cost, send an e-mail to: bvcrist@xpslibrary.com
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As a Library Member, you will receive a free, two (2) year license to Spectra Data Processing (SDP) v8 software that can open all ISO, VMS, TEXT, ASCII, XY, XYZ, and SDP spectra, and also process, peak-fit, identify, label, export to, save all to memory etc…

You will also have free access to:

        • 70,000+ monochromatic XPS spectra,
        • 3,000+ high energy resolution AES spectra,
        • 5 PDF books of peak-fitted XPS spectra of the elements and native oxides, binary oxides, and the 5 book series
        • infographics, posters and
        • XPS knowledge

To have free access you must send an e-mail to:  bvcrist@xpslibrary.com.

The XPS Library is a Not-for-Profit Institution that invests all Donations into the improvement and maintenance of The XPS Library, The XPS Spectra-Bases, and IXIR to benefit all library members.

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B. Vincent Crist, PhD
Senior Editor
The XPS Library
Salem, Oregon 97306 USA

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