Spectra Data Processor (SDP) v8.0  –  1 yr free use

  • Training Movies for Spectra Data Processor, SDP v7, are MPEG files.  There are a total of 54 movies, each is 5-10 minutes long

SDP v8.0





SDP v7.0



User Self-Training Movies!  (54 movies, 5-10 minutes each)


How to open your  *.*  spectra data-files!  (*.txt, *.asc, *.vms. *.npl, *.iso, *.sdp, *.spe)

How to Open or Import  “ASCII Text data-files or Binary data-files” from PHI, Kratos, CasaXPS, ISO, ComPro, NPL, VAMAS, 2-Column TEXT, 3-Column TEXT, onto the open SDP screen.


To import your Avantage (*.vgd) Data-files!

  • How to Convert All  Thermo Avantage’s On-Screen Spectra into a simple Text (ASCII) data-file using only Microsoft’s NotePad!   (Open the  User Training Movie that shows how to do this!)
  • Use keyboard commands, Copy (ctrl-c) and Paste (ctrl-v), to copy and paste each of the on-screen XPS spectra (ASCII text), that are displayed on the Avantage screen, into an open NotePad file. Keep adding the next spectrum into the open NotePad file until you have copied all spectra that you need.
  • Be sure to add the next set of ASCII data (XY column) to the very bottom of the still open NotePad text file. After adding all the spectra you want, save the freshly made ASCII text file with any name you prefer.  Then, drag the freshly made ASCII (text) file onto the open SDP v7 software screen.

QUESTION:  How is this possible? It is possible because the on-screen spectra in Avantage are displayed using ASCII (text).

  • You can convert a complete series with many spectra into a single NotePad text (ASCII) data-file. There is no need to use Thermo’s  Txt-to-File helper file that awkward to use and is buried in their Bin folder.  Having all the spectra together in a single data file is very convenient.
  • You can then save the new data-file into various file formats:  ISO 14796 (*.ISO), SDP (*.SDP), XY text (*.txt), VAMAS (*.VMS), NPL (*.NPL), or ComPro (*.NPL).
  • When you use the *.SDP file format, then all processing and labels are saved to permanent memory.  SDP v7 has infinite Un-Do and Re-Do, not available on any commercial software.

Movie on Importing Avantage Spectra

How to Convert Thermo Avantage (*.vgd) Spectra Data-files displayed on Avantage Screen into a simple Text (ASCII) data-file



User Interface to make an Excel (*.xls) file with all

Chemical State Peaks Fully Assigned in Excel Spreadsheet


Simply use our copyright protected Chemical State Identification Table in SDP v7  to save time and improve accuracy of assigning chemical states (species) to each peak