NOTE:    Log-In to download >70,000 monochromatic XPS spectra is not yet ready.
We are still designing this capability. 

If you need spectra or SDP v8 software now, then please write to: bvcrist @

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Your “UserName” is your:  “E-mail Address”
Your “Password” will look like this example:  “Xenon-3d5-672” 

Your password is a pure element name followed by its XPS Main Signal Spin-Orbit, and its BE (eV).  Must include hyphens!



To help us to improve The XPS Library and to try to meet your needs and interests, we ask that you provide an E-mail address from your Professional Institution ….(e.g.. University, Company, Government, Research Institute……….).

Please provide your professional E-mail address as your secondary E-mail.

  • Your TXL “UserName” should be your E-mail address (easy to remember)
  • Spectra Data Processor, SDP, v8, software will be free of charge for one year, after you have requested a software license #


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