The following page contains old links to on-line databases. Some links may be broken.

Binding Energies and Spectra

Electronic and Surface Structural Data

  • Electronic Structures Database
    Calculates band structure, total energy, density of states, equilibrium lattice constants, elastic constants, electron-phonon coupling constants and critera for the occurence of magnetism for most elements and a vairiety of hydrides carbides nitrides and oxides.
  • The LEED I(V) Data Repository
    A Large repository of LEED I(V) data and plots for a wide variety of elements and compounds; includes original references. Provided by The Stony Brook LEED group.
  • Surface Structure Explorer
    A very nice on-line application based on BALSAC (Build and Analyze Lattices, Surfaces, And Clusters) which generates full colour pictures of any given lattice structure from its lattice parameters.


X-ray transmission, absorption and emission data


Particle Surface Interactions


Elemental and Materials Properties

  • Web Elements 
    An excellent database of the general, physical, chemical, electronic, etc, etc properties of the first 112 elements.
  • The Virtual material Science Center
    A database of databases. Source for all information on properties of materials of all types
  • MatWeb
    Mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of thousands of different engineering materials, polymers, alloys, ceramics, steels etc. and links to suppliers.
  • All the Physical Constants
    The National Institute of Standards & Technology recommended values of all the physical constants, including confidence levels, etc
  • Chemical Safety Data Sheets
    Large database of hazard data sheets for a wide variety of chemicals


Literature databases and patent searches